Village of Brokaw Burning Ordinances 8.08.020 Burning permit issuance authority. The President of the Village shall have the authority upon application to issue burning permits when deemed advisable, and shall prescribe proper supervision. (Ord. 16 s2, 1959). 8.08.030 Violation -- Penalty. Any person violating the provisions of this chapter shall, upon conviction thereof, be punishable as set forth in Chapter 1.08 of this code. (Ord. 16 s3, 1959). 8.08.040 Open Fires. Except for cooking with charcoal or gas on portable metal or permanent grills, open bonfires shall only be permitted within the Village under the provisions of this chapter. (Ord. 100 (part), 1993). 8.08.050 Bonfires. The Village President or Fire Chief may permit cooking or bonfires of wood if the fire is contained within a manufactured fire container or within no more than a three-foot diameter fire ring in the ground dug out at least four inches below grade and surrounded by rocks, stonemasonry other than concrete or fireproof brick. Such fires shall not be used to burn paper, rubbish, leaves, grass, other yard wastes, plastics, treated wood, organic or animal matter or other materials that give off toxic or noxious odors when burned. It is the responsibility of the landowner and resident to keep any bonfire under control. The landowner and resident shall be responsible for any injury to persons or damages to property through the fire escaping from a permitted bonfire. (Ord. 100 (part), 1993). 8.08.060 Prohibited burning. The Village President or Fire Chief may prohibit any and all bonfires whenever it is deemed imprudent due to wind, drought, inversion or dry conditions, or to pose a hazard or discomfort to the community. Such prohibition shall be posted at conspicuous places within the Village for so long as conditions warrant. (Ord. 100 (part), 1993).