Village of Brokaw Marathon County, Wisconsin Ordinance No. 1/2000 It is hereby ordained by the Board of Trustees of the Village of Brokaw, Marathon County, Wisconsin as follows: Section 1. Inspection Fees At the time of application for a building permit, the Village Clerk shall collect the following fees and occupancy bond as required: Residential Construction Cost New Home Construction $400.00 Addition 500 sq. ft. or less $250.00 Addition over 500 sq. ft. $350.00 Porches and decks  $ 25.00 Garages or storage over 144 sq. ft.  $ 30.00 Storage sheds 144 sq. ft. or less  $ 20.00 Occupancy Bond (new homes and additions only) $300.00 Commercial Construction Plan Review $250.00 Per 1,000 cu. ft. of volume    $ 1.50 Occupancy Bond $500.00 Public Hearings Conditional Use $175.00 Board of Appeals $175.00 Plan Commission $175.00 Section 2. Fees doubled Failure to obtain a building permit prior to commencing construction shall result in assessment of twice the designed fees. Section 3. Occupancy Bond Failure by the owner or contractor to arrange for and make premises available for any inspection required by zoning, building, fire, or safety codes prior proceeding with any phase of construction shall result in forfeiture of the occupancy bond.